Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Great Ocean Road - Apollo Bay > Port Campbell

Apollo Bay > Cape Otway > Triplet Falls > Port Campbell 

This day has been really nice as well. First we headed to Cape Otway to find some Koalas in wildlife
 and we found some, of course. They are incredible cute. I'm totally obsessed with these animals :D
 After that we went to Triplet Falls, some waterfalls in a rainforest. Pretty nice. 
After that little excursion we continued our journey to our next stop - Port Campbell. During the last
 kilometres we already realised that the fuel tank was almost empty. And the only petrol stations we
 could find has been little creepy ones, so we thought we'll find one in Port Campbell. Well, not
 really. Our GPS told us that the next petrol station is 20km away from our accommodation.
 Meanwhile, the warning lamp was on and we slowely got scared. We arrived in this little village but
 couldn't find a real petrol station. Why? Because it was already closed. Worst feeling ever. And for
 real this little place was soo freaking terrifying. We couldn't do anything but trying to get back to our
 hostel so we drove back through the dark outback. We were so afraif to stop in the middle of nowhere.
But luckily we made it to our hostel without any problems. And the first thing we've done the next day was, of course, refuel.
 Life's an adventure, sometimes a scary one. ;)

ps. can anyone of you find the kangaroo in one of the photos? 

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  1. Sehr coole Bilder. Der Großteil deiner Beschreibung erinnert mich an Horrorfilme wie Wrong Turn und House of Wax. Zum Glück ist der Ausflug bei dir anders ausgegangen.