Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Great Ocean Road - Port Fairy / Griffith Island

The very last stop at our road trip - Port Fairy
Actually, we didn't see much of Port Fairy but it was a really cute hostel we've been staying at.
We arrived late so all we were able to do was having dinner, taking a shower, plan and book our flight to Cairns and falling asleep. The next day began early. After our breakfast-morning-ritual we drove just around the corner and arrived at GriffithIsland which is a cute little Island. We walked to the lighthouse and took a break for a couple of minutes to enjoy the nice weather and watching the ocean. We reflected our great time along the Great Ocean Road. The trip just started and it was already over. We were really really sad about that.
I wanted to spend more time in all these little cute places because every place has its special vibe and all of them are connected to the ocean. I guess that's why every place felt like home. Well, not home home like Berlinbut like my other home, the ocean.
After that we drove 3 hours back to Melbourne. It was a quite, sometimes funny and sometimes boring drive.
As we arrived in Melbourne everything had changed again. There was no ocean at all, no cute little villages, just a big rushing and hectic city.
And then I realised, though that I'm a big city girl,  my love to nature and the ocean is so much bigger. I feel calm, relaxed and home when I'm close to the sea. This love is a sure thing.


  1. schön. wunderbare Landschaft. <3
    alles liebe. Monika

  2. Dein Blog gehört definitiv zu meinen liebsten! Kriege nie von deinen Bildern genug :)

  3. ich vermisse meine wahlheimat so sehr!!! ❤