Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Moliets - part one

part one

 three weeks in Moliets

 a (more or less) short summary 

millions of new encounters / hot temperatures / a wind so strong that we almost flew away with our
 surfboards and a wind so strong that the grains of sand felt like pins / big waves / small waves / no waves / 
baguette / good food / tons of surf lesson photographs / lots of way too long and too exhausting walks to the
 beach / memories from last year / missing my friends / making new friends / dancing / falling off the surfboard
 / scratching my knees on the coarse sand / falling of the surfboard again / standing on the board for a few
 seconds / falling off the surfboard again and again / standing on the surfboard until the shore / pure
 happiness / smiling / laughing / baguette and even moooore baguette / the sound of breaking waves as my
daily lullaby / hot days / even higher temperatures in my tent / cold nights / sangria and beer for free / funny
 nights / breathtaking sunsets / trips to San Sebastian and Biarritz / watching the soccer games / cruising along
 the promenade with a longboard / eating expensive ice cream / stealing a German flag for the first soccer
 game / surf session early in the morning / freezing in my short wetsuit / baguette baguette bagggggueette
 yuck! don't want to eat it anymore / surf sessions in the afternoon and a surf session at sunset BEST THING
 EVER / new friendships / dirty feet / sandy bed / lots of mosquito bites / delicious pinchos / enjoying
 thunderstorms in my tent /

and I guess I forgot to mention a few things... however, I had an awesome time with awesome people (can't say this enough)