My time so far summarized in pictures. 
For daily updates check out my travel diary: 365 different views


365 different views

Ok, for those who don't know, I'm in Australia now. I arrived a week ago and I love it! I really love the Australian people who will help you even if you didn't ask them, I love the beaches and the endless summer vibe, I love Sydney and taking the ferry, I love the stunning landscape in the Royal National Park.. I love life right now! 
If you want to see an image everyday from my journey please take a look at my travel diary: 

I still will upload my images on this blog, of course, but this new blog is kind of a 365 day project. (I already failed, today I didn't take a photo. Oops!) But yes, take a look and enjoy!  


January 2015

[1] & [2] Productive procrastination. Instead of starting my packing list or doing important stuff
 I design a header for my packing list or I design a header for my online travel diary (more about it 
later). Yes, obviously I haven't realized it yet.
[3] & [4] I really love the "less is more"-thing but somehow it won't work regarding cameras. Oops! 
[5] If you follow me on facebook, you already know this photo. But if not, this is me and my photo
 on the intro page of squarewaveclothing.com Soon there will be some more photos of mine.
[6] My favorite smoothie at the moment. This is a green smoothie made up of banana, greens, almond 
milk, chia seeds and peanut butter. Sooo damn tasty!